Glitch Extensions

Note: This project is not associated in any way with Glitch. It's a 3rd party and independently developed.


Glitch extensions are a set of tools that extend the functionality of Glitch through a bookmarklet.

The current version introduces the following extensions:


It prettierifies your code on "save", just hit Cmd/Ctrl-s and you're done! As simple as that.

iPad Support

Glitch on the iPad is a bit spotty due to poor Mobile Safari support of key events and a few other issues. For instance, you might have noticed that Cmd-z doesn't work at all for undo. This extension solves those problems by introducing a new set of key bindings and other goodies:


If you're on desktop drag the following link to your bookmarks bar. If you're on Mobile Safari, first open the bookmarks sidebar by clicking on the book icon ( ), and then tap and drag the link into the sidebar.

Glitch Extensions


Go to your Glitch project and click on the bookmark you just saved! You will have to do this everytime you reload the page though.

More Info & Feedback

If you want to learn more about how this extension is implemented you can read this article on Extending Glitch. You can also leave comments there for feedback.

Security and Privacy

It's important to be aware that when you're using this extension, the code that you prettierify is sent to this Glitch project. Since you can check the code yourself you know that nothing sketchy is going on behind the scenes. However, if for any reason you don't trust this project then you shouldn't use this extension.

produced by @aadsm